Literarary Analysis of "Chee's Daughter"

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Many pieces of literature explain how greed sometimes subdues love; this is the main message that Juanita Platero and Siyowin Miller express in "Chee's Daughter". The story shows how grandparents use their granddaughter for financial gain. It also shows how the wealthy obtain respect from people because of their possessions. Platero and Miller try to teach the reader that acquisitive chattels are for a restricted time, but family is perpetual. The two authors use the environment in which the characters live to hint at their personalities which support the main idea, as well.

"Chee's Daughter" demonstrates how greed can subjugate love. In the story, Chee's father-in-law monetarily benefits from his granddaughter for the reason that tourists pay to observe her. Therefore, he won't let Chee make decisions about his daughter, ""Don't be coming here with plans for my daughter's daughter," he warned."(Pg.815; Par. 7). Furthermore, Chee's mother-in-law commences to treat him with more respect once she perceives that he has many belongings with him which he may give her; " she peered around the corner of the shelter at the laden ponies and then she looked at Chee.

"what do you have there my son?"" (Pg.819; Par. 1). Additionally, Chee's parents-in-law give the Little One, their granddaughter, to him when they are timorous they won't have enough food for themselves if she keeps eating; "For in that moment the Little One ceased to be their daughter's daughter and became just another mouth to feed." (Pg.820; Par. 5).

Platero and Miller make four characters in the story, all of whom are static, who either influence the theme or other characters strongly. Chee, the father of the Little One, is kind enough to offer food to his greedy parents-in-law and is caring enough to try to do everything and anything to get...