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Assignment # 3: Animal Farm George Orwell's Animal Farm was written at a moment in history when great changes in society were occurring. Communism, which had been formulated in the eighteenth century to protect the working class from the abusive capitalists, had been implemented into different societies. None were of their pure Marxian theoretical form, and all were subjected to different degrees of corruption caused by power. The corruption of the system that was meant to save the exploited worker is the main theme of Animal Farm. Orwell tries to illustrate that "Rebellion!"� as Old Major exclaimed, can be subverted into a system that is more oppressive to the rights of the workers.

Yet not all insurgencies are repentant of their former systems. The American Revolution was enacted to sway the authority that the British Monarchy had over the colonies. Once the revolution was successfully accomplished, sets of principles were ratified by the founding fathers to guide the country in development and existence; these were the bill of rights.

The character of the bill of rights still exists today but our present-day nation has a different understanding of what these principles mean compared to the post-colonial society of the eighteenth century. This does not mean that the founding fathers work was laid in vain, their basic principle lives on. In our society individuals have the right to vote for what they want. This is the underlying principle behind the United States, not freedom to speak or freedom of religion. The right to choose what we want as a society sustains the weight of our constitution, and as long as this country continues to uphold this principle it will continue to defy the system of colonial rule that preceded it In Animal Farm, the animals were justified to overthrow...