Literary Analysis of "Escape to the City". An analysis of the short story "Escape to the City" by Gordon Woodward which was printed in Abook Society Searchlight.

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One conflict in the story is man versus society. In the story, Clifford is living by himself in Vancouver. He must face the challenge of living on his own and having to provide for himself. Clifford lives in a society where needing a well paying job is needed to pay necessities to survive in a city. Another conflict is man versus man. Clifford has problems with his father. Clifford's father is angry with him for not going into business and leaving to live on his own.

To describe Patrick the author uses stream of consciousness to reveal him. The quote is "I'd never forgotten the lost look on his face then." (4)

This shows Patrick is compassionate. Through thought Patrick's, character shows. "I wanted to say that it was all because Father was such a bull-headed character ..." (6)

Patrick seems to be judgmental. Lastly, Patrick is shown though dialogue.

The conversation in the story reads, " "I'm in Vancouver," I said. "Where did you think I was: Siberia?" (7)

This shows Patrick is sarcastic or humorous.

Through Clifford's actions, his character is shines through. He buys Patrick what he would want even tough Clifford does not have much. One such example is "I finished my dinner ... he couldn't understand how he happened to have such small bill in his pocket." (3)

This shows Clifford is unselfish. Through impressions of others, Patrick reveals from his thoughts "... but when he did make a friend he was really loyal ..." (4)

This shows Clifford is a loyal person. Clifford surroundings reflect him. It's described as ""... it was very clean and bright ... frail and brittle scraping sound as though made of balsa wood." (2)

Everything in his home seems organized. Clifford seems to be a methodical person.