Literary Analysis Essay - Alistair MacLeod's short story, "To Everything There Is a Season"

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As human beings, we are changing each and every moment as we are introduced to new ideas, values and challenges by our surroundings. In Alistair MacLeod's short story, "To Everything There Is a Season", the author depicts the anxieties and reservations of the narrator's transition between childhood and the adult world. This story also allows the reader to understand the importance of change in one's life. The story is set on Christmas Day and the weeks preceding, when the whole family was awaiting for the eldest brother's arrival. By seeing through the author's eyes, we can understand the turmoil and conflict as he feels he is trapped in between two sides; childhood and adolescence. Reluctance of changing, "Santa Claus",

Growing up is a lifelong process that is inevitable for everyone. Most of the time, we are unaware of the physical or psychological changes that are happening to us. However, when we do realize the changes are happening, it is hard for many not to feel overwhelmed and not to feel sadness about what we lose along the way.

Although, when one leaves their comfort zone, one may feel confused and uncertain of what the future lies, as yearning for stability is human nature, chances are that our lives will become much more dynamic and fulfilling. In the story, the author tried to hold onto his past by perceiving himself as the "innocent" child who still believes in Santa Claus. However, in the end he realized that no matter how hard he tries to stay as a child, time will still move on. Changes in our lives is what makes life worthwhile.

The narrator of the story is troubled at his questioning on the nature of Santa Claus, as he realizes that he may be losing his childhood innocence and stability...