Literature: Awsome Characters Rule

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Literature: Awesome Characters Rule Throughout the history of literature there have been many awesome characters. But what is it that makes a character "awesome"? The awesome characters that rule in literature are the ones that dominate by powerful influence. The characters are awesome because the reader looks at them with a sense of fear, respect, wonder, or reverence. After reading about an awesome character in literature one might say, "wow I can really relate to that guy" or "I hope I never run into him." Some characters rule because they affect the decisions we ourselves make in life. Some of the awesome characters that have made great impact are Shakespeare's Macbeth, Herman Melville's Moby Dick, and J. D. Salinger's Holden Caulfield. They rule because they have a dominating influence over readers.

Macbeth is an "awesome" character in literature because even though it is too late for him to correct his mistakes, we are able to learn from them.

Macbeth, because the witches had tricked him, became too ambitious for his own good. He murdered his king, his best friend, and many other people to become king himself. His ambition was the weakness that eventually led to his downfall. From Macbeth we are able to learn that there is a high price for excessive ambition and that patience is the key to getting what we want. Macbeth "rules" because having see the consequences he suffered for his ambition we finish the play knowing that we will never become a "poor player" or a "walking shadow" and take it as far as he did in order to get what we want. He has a powerful influence on the decision that we make.

Another "awesome" character in literature is Herman Melville's whale, Moby Dick. Upon hearing this one might think,