The Literature of Puritan, speaks of Edward Taylor and Anne Bradstreet

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Puritan Literature is written in several forms. It expresses feelings, life, God, Gods word, Gods work and there aditudes.

The main belief of the Puritan's that was written about in the past is religon, and faith in God. They showed there feelings in stories, journals, and meny other forms. Some of the major Puritan writers are: Anne Bradstreet, William Bradford, Edward Taylor, William Byrd, and menny outhers.

The author of 'Huswifery', Edward Taylor expreses his feelings in a poem, he talks about how he wants the lord to use his body as a spinning wheel to glorify God and his word. He compares his body, and parts of his body to the spinning wheel, and parts of the spinning wheel. He asks God to transform him to make him better for the glory of God.

This one story shows a breaf segment of how the puritan's felt about and what there attitudes were and they beleved deep in God and that he is the only true savor.

They change ways, words, and feelings to fit in with God and good things to try to make people change to puritanisum.

Jonathan Edwards arthor of 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God' expresses his feelings in a story that tells God is not a man to mess with and that we are all bad people that are condemed to eternal damn nation. There is no way to become saved unless we are bornagian, he uses this to pruswade people to convert back to puritanisum and this worked for a small amount of people.

Anne Bradstreet aouthor of 'Upon the burning of our House.' This poem is one of the ones that I liked most because it tells a good point that we should not worry, love, Etc.. about earthly things...