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Students - As a student myself I know for sure that people litter and sadly most of my friends litter. I think many students have a horrible attitude towards litter. It’s the easiest option to just drop it on the ground so that’s why students do it. Most students wouldn’t consider the consequences of littering because they are young and may believe it’s their right to litter basically and that is disgusting that students would think that way about the place we need to live in for the rest of our lives. There is also the issue about teachers making students pick up rubbish with their bare hands during lunch. These actions are unfair to innocent people who don’t litter and making students pick up rubbish may actually be encouraging students who don’t litter to start. They could form an attitude where they think I’m going to have to pick it up anyway so why not take the easy option and just drop my rubbish on the ground.

I think a huge percentage of students would also litter without knowing they are littering by dropping things like fruit on the ground, thinking it is not included as littering but obviously it is and adults need to revise what is litter and what is not and maybe come up with a new system for getting rid of litter rather than making random students in the lunch area pick it up.

Teachers – I know for a fact that my religion teacher Mrs. Kennedy hates litter bugs and litter. She thinks it’s disgusting for students to not care about the environment at all. I know that most teachers would feel similar about littering. Teachers would probably not litter at the school they need to come to everyday and work at. There...