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In life opportunities come and go. This is the nature of things. Paths branch out to form an incomprehensible amount of actions and reactions. Consequences, retributions, victories and defeats, these are all possible. Mistakes and failures. If you're lucky, really and truly blessed, you will be set on the path that so many desire and so many fail to achieve. True love; your soul, mate, this is the ultimate purpose of being alive. To try to put love into words would be a failure, as every scholar and writer in history has found out. I was blessed in this way once. I failed. Here is a guide on how to lose the most precious gift in life, how I lost mine.

First you realize your not ready, the thing is though no one ever really is, so consequently you get scared. How can you love someone so much that it feels as if they complete you in all ways God missed? Fear becomes predominate.

Fear of losing this answer to all the gaps in your life. Fear leads to stupidity. Stupidity continues to further the process.

You lie because it feels easier to deny the truth so you can grasp what is really going on and maintain control. You lie to avoid being seen for the person you are. Eventually you are found out. Truth, the foundation of love, is broken.

Now anger rushes in to consume you and you give in because of all emotions anger is the most tangible. You're furious that you were so stupid to jeopardize this. Worse you're angry because now you have an outside force driving you to these despicable acts. Unfortunately by this point your so lost you begin to act out in anger.

Cheating on someone is horrible, though horrible doesn't...