A little information about socrotes and his wrongful death.

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Socrates was a great philosopher, however, he did not always chose the right paths. He was an individual, and that scared people. In the end, it ended up costing him his life. He was put on trial a couple of times. His last trial determined his fate though.

A couple years after the wars Socrates was called to trial. His chances of winning were minimized by the presence of Anytus on the prosecution. By Socrates' words it was "principle and intelligent faith, against ignorant conservatism and fear", the latter representing majority of Athens. Socrates was charged with impiety, the corruption of the youth, and the undermining of religious beliefs. This would be quite a few charges to try and get out of. Meletus was the one who brought the idea of a trial of Socrates forth. He spoke on the behalf of the poets, Anytus on the behalf of the craftsmen, and Lycon on behalf of the rhetoricians.

Meletus starts off by saying that Socrates corrupts the minds of his fellow friends and is "the poet or maker of gods, and that he makes new gods and denies the existence of old ones." Socrates had a habit of pouring himself out to everybody and would even pay for a listener; this is why everyone knew of him and became tired of him. After the prosecution told more lies and false charges, he was called to the stand for his own defense or Apology.

Socrates first asked to talk philosophically (the way he talked on the Agora to the passerby's). He said that he had ancient and new enemies. One of the ancient's being Aristophanes, who he called a liar for creating a character named Socrates in his play and making him say false things. As for his new enemies, he...