"Little Red Riding Hood": Write a descriptive story and show the building of tension and climax.

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Inside a mysterious hut in the forest, a bird flew through the dark damp trees, and ended up upon a house, which was right beside the lake. The bird chirped, as it listened to a cloaked man going through a story. The man reads his story out, in a soft tone, and gleams as animals from the forest gather to listen.

"Once upon a time, there was a girl, which lived just beside a dark, misty forest. The little girl always wears a red coat, with a riding hood, so all the villagers called her 'Little Red Riding hood'. Little red riding hood never really had a father, so she lived with her mother. Her mother was a gatherer, and was forced to venture through in the forest every day to get food. Everyday, little red riding hood's mother was forced to venture into the forest, deeper and deeper.

Little red riding hood's mother soon had to live in the forest. Little red riding hood was soon forced to stay with her uncle, who was a very harsh man.

A brass bracelet was put upon her, bounding her tightly. 'Only if you break lose the bracelet, may you visit your mother' Little red riding hood's uncle said.

Little red riding hood, was vengeful towards her uncle, and swore to herself, that she would destroy the bracelet, at all costs.

Little red riding hood, broke the bracelet, but she sacrificed her hands in order to break lose the bracelet. Little red riding hood had demanded to visit her mother, but her uncle has a few last words to say. 'never -'

'Never talk to strangers' Little red riding hood replied promptly

Little red riding hood left as swift as a swallow, and ventured towards the woods to...