Where I Live and Where I Want to Live

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There are differences and similarities in living where I live now in the downstairs of a double house in the city compared to living in an old country style farm house with a lot of land where I would like to live.

When I was younger, living with my parents and still in high school, I would always wonder where I would be living and what kind of house I would be living in in ten years from then. I have always wanted to live on a lot of land, with some horses, in a beautiful old country style farm house. Well, it's ten years later and I'm living in a double house in the city, but I'm working on my dream now and hopefully ten years from now I will be living where I want to live.

The house that I'm living in now is not quite as big as I would like it to be.

I live downstairs and all the rooms are on one floor. I really don't have a front porch and not really much of a backyard. My front yard is bigger than our back yard. I do have a nice basement with our own washer and dryer. I also have a garbage disposal, dishwasher, and central air conditioning.

The environment that I live in is in the city where there is always traffic, it's always noisy, and hardly a yard because the houses are so close together.

The neighbors on each side of me are very nice, but they're always in our business as in that they know everything about me. In other words, we have lack of privacy. I can't even go out to my own yard without someone noticing.

The place where I would like to live is in an...