How to Live Happily and Positively

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Life is the most fundamental but complicated thing there ever were, so it is not uncommon to see life and living as a widely discussed topic. But why would a king who possesses his nation’s wealth chat over a missing quarter? Or a slave who carries his master’s burden complain about a tiring hour? No, we do not seek to look into how to live, for a living man does not crave for life, but into how to live happily and positively because so few alive has unveiled its secret, making its recipe all the more desirable.

Happiness is a state of mind that comes from a diversity of sources. As humanity suggests, one can easily cover his needs but hardly his greed, so it is not at all difficult to find an unhappy rich man. However, the existence of a poor but happy man cannot be denied. Why? Because different sources of happiness played its part: it could be the wealth of the rich’s company or the health of the poor’s family that brought about their individual happiness, thus making the definition of happiness vague.

Nonetheless, there is a key to happiness.


Enjoy what you have, enjoy how you live, enjoy who you are and enjoy the happiness that tags along with it. Easy as it may seem, it is also as hard because people tend to habituate themselves to their everyday enjoyments and gradually grow numb of it, which is exactly why the rich cannot feel as happy as the poor when you give them a thousand dollar bill. But it is all the while crucial for happiness! You must learn to treat everything in life as a blessing from God and stress on every little thing around you while remind- ing yourself to truly appreciate it every single time in order to have lasting happiness.

In contrast, positivity is a much more vivid demonstration of one’s attitude towards life, but it is also incredibly hard to describe. It is as hard as the definition for apple, for which word best describes apple than the word itself? But being positive, one the most basic terms, is to look ahead and think straight while being optimistic as much as aggressive. But besides the obvious, what else makes a positive man?Choices.

Choose when you get up in the morning to be in a bad mood or a good mood; choose when you go to school to be rebellious or refined; choose when confronted by criticisms to break down or step up; choose when doomed with misfortune to be the victim or to learn from it. Choose whenever there is a choice to be the best part of you. A choice makes a man, and good choices can often lead to a positive outlook of life. Of course there will be times when you just want to hide and feel human, but the tip to positivity is to keep trying! No one ever succeeds in the first try, but if you give yourself a second chance, there is no limit until you reach your next stop, be it defeat (if so try again) or triumph. Keep trying until you can finally make your own call on what is best for you, positively.

Putting them together you’ll get “enjoy your choices”, which is also the main ingredient of the recipe to living happily and positively. If life were a piece of art, positivity would be the lines that draw out the sketch of the picture, just like it would set you a righteous path in life; and happiness would be the colors that fill between the lines, just like it would flourish vibrant bliss into your life. Altogether, with happiness and positivity being the colors and lines, you can truly make living itself your most brilliant and extraordinary masterpiece!Sources:Myself and my style of living