Living With Alcoholism: How does alcoholism affect other family members?

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Writing about living with alcoholism was an easy task for me. Growing up surrounded by alcohol, I learned to drink or tolerate alcohol at an early age. Learning how to handle alcohol was and easy task as well. I remember seen the drunk faces of everyone in my family but my oldest sister. Looking around and seen my father, mother, brothers, cousins, friends, and neighbors, all laughing, dancing, drinking beer or Bacardi rum. I am free from alcohol now; it took me about thirty years to get ready of this disease. Sadly to say, but I am the only (other than my father) that has been able to break free from alcohol. I am not sure if this ailment was passed to the next generation; hopefully my kids will have a good productive life, free of alcohol and his effects.

I remember one warm night, it was dark but I can still see the moon shining through the almond tree branches.

The moon provided enough light for me to see my father sitting, leaning against the almond tree behind the house. I was not sure exactly what was wrong with him; I was only six years old. I knew something was happening that is way I was standing by his side. I must have been there for quite sometime because the warm of the night have left us, leaving us with the cold morning dew. That is all I remember from that night. I do know that this was the beginning of a new circle or my first encounter with the alcohol monster that it was trying to destroy my father. Two years later, my father beat this monster for ever. Unfortunately, the rest of the family was still in bondage. My mother will drink everyday even thou she...