Living on campus vs. apartment

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When attending a college or university, students must decide where they would like to live on or off campus. I think that living on campus such as dormitories is better for me. Living in dormitories has a environment which is different from living in off campus. There are many advantages of living in campus.

The first advantage of living on campus is that I can get convenient access to classes and have opportunity to socialize with other students. Because dormitories are often close to school, I can go to school easily. In addition , you also save a little money for transportations from apartment to school. For example , in Vietnam the situation of traffic jam is more and more , so I am sure that walking to my university is easier than going there by other means.

Nowadays, campus or dormitories are very comfortable and convenient.

More and more schools have dormitories equipped beds, desks, clothes storage for each student. So, studying environment on campus does not differ strikingly from apartments. But we have more advantages in socializing with other students. In other words , you will learn many good things from others, as a result, you will make progress more in study and life.

In those aspects, living off campus such as apartment has some disadvantages. Dangerous , strange environment is one of these disadvantages. For instance, when living in apartment, you have to face many difficulties such as electric bills, housing bills….. Moreover , social issues such as thief, gambling make you worry. On those accounts, you are not be able to completely concentrate on studying.

Clearly, in order to have a high grade in university, you must make a major decision where you are going to live . In my opinion, I prefer...