Living in the Country verse Living in the City

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Living in a City or the Country

If there is two choices, which one will be chosen: city life or the country life? Some people think that living in a city is more beneficial than living in a country. Nevertheless; others claim the idea that living in a country is interesting.

To start with, living conditions in cities are much more industrialized. Being able to have good transportation such as buses or underground subways are very effective. But on a negative note there is always a traffic jam unlike in towns where there are less people. In cities, everything you need is at the touch of a hand. Whereas; in towns, it may be a bit difficult to find items that are needed. Likewise in cities, there is a lot of job opportunities and new companies are always opening. In small towns, there might not be as many chances to find a job.

In cities, there are plenty of emergency services such as hospital to help when a person becomes ill. Because of the convenience of the hospitals a person can recover much quicker than someone who lives in a small town. But when it comes to country living these circumstances may not be available.

Furthermore, in cities; there is a plethora of restaurants and cafes on every corner to choose from. If people are on their lunch break then they can choose from several different places and they do no need to go far to find something. However; when it comes to towns, someone may need to drive 20 minutes to find a place to eat. Also, this is a problem when it comes to grocery shopping because then people need to buy more in bulk just to eliminate trips to the store.

To sum...