Living With Demons

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Where does this urge come from, and why is it so powerful? If we all experience this urge, would we be able to resist? Is it genetic, hormonal, biological, or cultural? Do child molesters have any control over their desires? We all experience inappropriate sexual instincts, yet we have some cage that keeps our inner monsters locked away. Call it morality or social programming these internal blockades have long been trampled down in the child molester. Not only have they let loose the monster with in; they are virtual slaves to its beastly desires. There are two kinds of child molesters: situational child molesters and also preferential child molesters we will explore the differences in the two. There is a biological factor that we will also discuss and the differences in the hormone levels of pedophiles. Also how does the child molesters try to justify their actions and how does technology help these offenders find victims.

What can parents do to protect their children from these predators? What have law enforcement officers have found about the pedophiles.

Living With Demons - 3 -

Molesters engage in sex with children for a variety of reasons and sometimes these have little to do with sexual desires. One type of offender is called; a situational child molester, this offender does not possess a genuine sexual preference for children. The motivational factors are criminal in nature. There are some cases, that the offenders sexual abuse of young children is a natural outgrowth of other forms of abuse in his life The abuse is a continuation of a process by which he has mistreated friends, spouses, and other family members. This person will have low-self esteem, maintain poor moral standards and views sex with children as an opportunity to prolong the violence...