"Living On A Fixed Income" is about what it is like to live on a fixed income.

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Living on a Fixed Low-Income

The effects of living on a fixed low income are wide spread, usually affecting a person's entire life and lifestyle. There are many pitfalls that you can fall into and that can make life miserable when you are on a fixed income. You should be aware of your limitations and practice planning ahead techniques.

One major effect that living on a fixed income has is your limit on spending will change. If you have been used to living on a weekly paycheck, this will take some getting used to. In fact, you may end up with a deficit in your checkbook the first month or two until you do get the hang of living within your new budget. You will have to plan your spending carefully so that you are not in debt all of the time. Once that happens and you learn your new limitation with money it will get easier to stay within your budget.

There are some things you must plan for in your budget every month.

Medicine is a very important item to plan ahead for you need to try to keep this cost to a minimum while still getting the medicine that is needed every month. One way to do this is to apply with the manufacture of the medicine for lost cost medicine or low-income free medicine. If you can qualify for either of these plans then you will have either no money or very little (usually $5.00 a prescription or less) going out on medicine each month. Which will give you more leeway for other necessary expenses? You should also plan for your visits to the doctor. Do you have a lot of medical problems and need to see the doctor often? That is important to keep...