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Miss Brill is content with the fantasy world in which she believes herself to live. However, not recognizing that her life is wonderful only within her mind, she is perfectly happy. Throughout the story, the author uses idealistic idea such as living vicariously, music playing in tone per mood, and having self-confident to reveal and to develop how human imagination can be extended in a person. Living vicariously is an example of how human imagination; this is shown when how Miss Brill is not living for any purpose but to live for others. Her living style has nothing valuable to her but to live under what others are going through in their life. She goes to the park everyday to pretend as if she is living and part of this society, yet no one cares for her. Miss Brill and her imagination have made her to believe that how wonderful the world is for her, but only within her mind.

She also believes that how the band is playing the music just for her. When the band is to play a sad song, her emotion began to feel sad. This shows how she relies all her emotion into the music that is played by a band in a park. She also has no confidence in herself towards this world, but only imagination. An example would be how she tells herself that she is perfectly happy, but would if so, why would she get so mad easily when the teenagers ridiculed her at the end of the story? Because she is insecure of her imagination; her thinking and the real world are different. She thinks that what she sees and hear are what the real world she is living in, but the truth is that she has been living inside of...