Living Together But in Different Worlds

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Studying at the American University in Bulgaria is an unforgettable experience. Apart from the knowledge one gets studying here, life on campus provides many opportunities to meet various kinds of people. However, to my surprise, when I was assigned to write on this topic, I faced immediate difficulties. All the friends I have made here are in a sense alike and writing about the members of my family did not seem to be very creative. I looked for two very different people for quite a while, never realizing that they are actually very near to me. They are my roommates! Their names are Roommate2 and Roommate1 and we have shared the same room from the beginning of our studies at AUBG. Our room, however, is about all they have in common.

I will start with Roommate1. The first thing I noticed about him was that he was a very relaxed student who relies more on his intelligence than on his hard work.

He has some background on electronics and mathematics, which helps him in his field of study: Computer Science. Always aware of what is going on around him in the class, Roommate1 needs just a couple of hours to learn all that is necessary to do well at AUBG. I remember a day when I was struggling with a Calculus problem and desperately asked him for help. At that moment, I was so much into the problem that I forgot that Roommate1 was not taking Calculus at all. But I did not regret asking him. Roommate1 scrutinized the problem and after two or three unsuccessful attempts he actually solved it. No one could convince me that Roommate1 could figure that problem out without a prior knowledge of the subject, but now I'm sure he did. I can see now...