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The challenges that Liz Murray had to overcome required both maturity and courage. She rose up to meet the challenges head on, instead of waiting for them to overcome her. Liz showed personal responsibility, emotional intelligence, and most importantly she believed in her self.

Liz's childhood is not what you call a normal one, both her parents were drug addicts and there was barley enough food for them to eat. This forced her to develop skills that would ordinarily take a lifetime to fully develop. One such skill that Liz developed was personal responsibility. Because her parents used all there money for drugs, Liz was forced to work in order to feed her and her sister. At age 9 she got her first job at her local grocery store, to bag groceries. This is one of the skills listed to be a successful student.

Another one of the skills Liz shares with the successful student list was her emotional intelligence.

In her interview she was asked many sensitive questions about her past that would make any ordinary person on edge. She had to develop this skill in order for her to succeed and achieve what she did. When her mother died she didn't shut down, instead she did the opposite and used it to her advantage. Liz ask her self what separated the her from the privileged. So She re enrolled to school and finished 4 years of school in just 2. She studied in staircases, and slept on the street. But she never let her personal life effect her school work.

Lastly but most importantly, Liz believed in her self and her dreams. If she hadn't done that none of this would have been possible. She lost her mother, her home, and her future. But she believed...