Lizzie Borden...Criminal Mastermind or Insanely Innocent? - And article examining the Lizzie Borden Case as a legal prosecution.

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Lizzie Borden. Miss Lizzie Borden. Angela Carter has given her defense case and produced what is rather trivial evidence to the jury. I the prosecutor will now provide the evidence which will convince the jury that Miss Borden is not mentally insane, as Carter has shown with her evidential works, but is in fact a cunning criminal who has used her social status to evade the criminal justice which I will finally bring upon her today. Let us begin.

Beginning with the early years, Mrs. Borden was thrust into a life of material objects, mental stress, and a troubled family life that ultimately led to the murder of her parents. Carter's case tries to work off the sympathies of the jurors by portraying Miss Borden as the typical stereotypical stepdaughter who is mistreated by her stepmother. This however is completely opposite of the case.

Using King's circumstantial evidence, we can begin to deduce the situation at hand.

Studying the situation before hand, we can determine that the crime was pre-meditated. Miss Borden was planning the assassination of her parents long before the crime was committed. Women were held differently in society; Christian women were held differently. This is a fact that Miss Borden took into account and used to her advantage. Since the death of her birth mother, and the introduction of her stepmother, Lizzie transformed herself into a spoiled young girl who her Father could never say no to. Why could Mr. Borden not say no? Was it due to the fact that he felt sorry over his wife's death? Or was it guilt over his new wife...Lizzie's new stepmother. Seclusion was the only answer. Lizzie would grow up a mysterious child with whom her parents would not have major involvement in. She however would confide greatly in...