I'll Be Seeing You

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The main character in this story is Meghann Collins. She is in her 20's. One night while doing a news report at the hospital, she got a call that there was an ambulance about to pull in and for her to check it out. When she did she was told that it was a female that had been stabbed. Meghann pulled the sheet back to see the victim, when she suddenly realized the girl looked exactly like her.

Meghann was in shock, but tried not to think about it. Recently Meghann had been under a lot of stress, her dad had gotten in a car pile up on the Tappan Zee Bridge, many people were killed. For some reason the police and rescuers had drained and there was no trace of her dad or his car. It was quite weird that he could have lived because moments before the crash, he was talking to his friend telling him he was entering the bridge.

Meghann had went on trying to forget the girl. She soon got told by her boss that she was getting a promotion. Meghann was excited, she wished she could tell her father.

Meghann soon found out that while going through the stabbed woman's stuff, there was a piece of paper in her pocket. It had Meghann's name and number on it, written in her daddy's handwriting. Meghann didn't know what to think. She was really confused. Meghann decided not to tell her mother yet. She didn't want her to be upset.

However, Meghann was off again to do another report at the Manning Clinic. The Manning Clinic was a place where embryos were preserved. Meghann was real amazed about this.

One lady had been artificially implanted with embryos. She had identical twins, and had one but preserved the other for when the other one was raised. Meghann asked if she could do a report on her and her family and the woman agreed. So Meghann went back and asked her to try to get it confirmed. There didn't seem to be a problem with it. A couple of days before the day of the report on the woman, Meghann came in to see if it was still alright, but for some reason the doctor said they voted and they said she couldn't do it. Meghann was confused of why she all the sudden couldn't do it.

A few days later in the middle of the night, she got a phone call. The person on the other end of the phone, a man, said "I am in trouble." Meghann was confused. The man said he was her dad. She was very upset and didn't want to believe it. She wondered what was happening. She soon found out that her dad had left her mom and ran away. And the bridge incident was a cover up. Meghann and her mother were very upset.