Local and Wide Area Networks

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Local area and wide area networks are very essential for better communication and resource sharing. Organizations big and small rely on the network to provide quick and painless resource sharing. Resource sharing saves time, money and helps in reducing the over head costs. Networks are used to share information like files and database, printers, scanners and application servers. Local area networks are defined as “A LAN is a network that covers a smaller area than a WAN. Typically a LAN will serve the needs of one institution at one site. LANs often connect to other LANs and to WANs to allow communication between” (Higginson, 2006, Para.2). Wide area network (WAN) is a connection between two or more LAN in different geographic location. Since our organization is spread across three states and 7 different buildings which makes observation and documentation of the current structure of LAN and WAN easier. 5 out of 7 buildings are in MD and are in proximity to each other but the other 2 buildings are in California (CA) and Massachusetts (MA).

Current number of users are 500 and 430 out of 500 are located in MD. The main data center is located in MD (Building A).The buildings in CA and MA are connected to Building A through Sprint frame relay network with speed of 1.544 MB. Building provides internet access to all building making it easy to monitor the traffic and is also cost effective. Buildings are connected through frame relay using Cisco 7204 routers. Cisco 5500 Catalyst are used to provide different subnets for internal, external and a subnet that can be accessible from both inside and outside (DMZ). DMZ is generally used for the servers that needs to be accessed by vendors or clients and this zone can also be used for web access...