How a local brand developed into an international brand identity.A case study on Padini Malaysia

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Background of the company(PADINI)


In Malaysia Padini become the eyes catching brand in the most famous giant shopping mall. This brand also the most successful brand that I meet that can compete with the foreign same line brands like Giordano, Esprit, Elle and etc. From the minor focus group I did between my friends and relatives, surprisingly more than 90% of them thought that Padini is the foreign branded name like Esprit. Until I told them that actually Padini is the Malaysia local brand they also feel proud of this brand--- Padini.

Thus, Padini also has the history from the stretch until today so popular in the Malaysia consumers mind. Therefore, this is the reason why I chosen Padini as the brand that is MADE IN MALAYSIA to compete with other brands in Hong Kong to show that Malaysia Boleh!


Padini began as a backend operation in Malaysia's apparel industry, manufacturing, trading and supplying garments for retailers and distributors.

Padini in Malaysia's is a multibillion textiles and garment industry, a brand leader involved in the distribution and retail of its own fashion labels through 170 freestanding stores and in house outlet.

It has also proudly carried the Made-in-Malaysia stamp abroad, with garment exports to Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and West Asia.

The success of the company can be attributed to the prudence of it management and the commitment of its staff.

Padini Products Range:

Padini is mainly an integrated operation that controls its products - fashion wear and accessories - from concept stage to manufacturing, merchandising and image marketing. Each brand represents a fashion philosophy; each philosophy covers a comprehensive range of products aimed at a targeted consumer. Brand image is strongly backed up by real value: quality, functionality and price.

Padini Brands

We address fashion-conscious consumers of both...