Locke And Rouseau Relationship between the "Hand and the Glove" theory

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Living in a world, where mankind has the freedom and right to do as they please,

we must have certain laws. Without these laws, the world would be an utter chaos. To

have laws, you must have a government. The purpose of a government is to ensure the

rights of all people to life, health, liberty, and possessions, which all humans are born

equally to. In Locke's theory of government, he uses the analogy of a glove. The glove is

the protection of the hand, which is Rousseau's theory of a Social Contract. The Social

Contract is a contract in which you are in a group in which every person in that group

must surrender their rights for the good of the community. A Social Contract is needed for

the protection of individuals because humans alone would have seized to exist, had they

continued living in the original conditions of nature.

Therefore the glove, the government,

protects the hand, the Social Contract, because it is the government's duty to respond to

the people's will. To keep things under control, and in order, the people must be obedient

or they are forced to be. Locke's theory is related to Rousseau's theory because the whole

point of a government is to protect the rights of the people including the protection of

individuals and their property. That is where the Social Contract comes in. By man coming

together and limiting their strength and surrendering their rights, the government can

properly meet the will of the people and protect them and their rights. The two are


Another analogy that works to show the functioning of a government are socks

and feet. The socks taking the place of government, and the feet being the Social

Contract. This analogy works the...