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Hasan 3

Mohammad Hasan

Ms. Fischer

English 2 Honors pd.8

28 March 2014

Unit 3 Final Paper: The Need of Historical Context to Understand True Content

Poetry is most commonly written for the symbolic and metaphorical meaning; however, sometimes that meaning might be altered due to certain circumstances. This encompasses the biographical information of the author. On one hand , historical context would be necessary to understand the text; on the other hand, some people might say that historical context is not truly necessary to comprehend the theme. There are many examples that prove that historical context is not necessary and without the extra information the story is understandable and can be deciphered. One example being, Meeting at and Airport, by Taha Muhammad Ali, is a story about a lost companion meeting an old friend after a gap of forty years and reuniting and still have old bonds still intact.

This poem is easily understandable and the theme was quite easy to comprehend as well. The poem's theme is that often times a friendship can last a lifetime. This theme is easily understood from the text without any need of the author's biography; which might or might not be a key part in understanding a piece of literature. The author, Taha Muhammad Ali was affected by a daunting childhood experiences. Biographies states, "During the Arab-Israeli war in 1948, he moved with his family to Lebanon for a year; since then he has lived in Nazareth" ("Taha Muhammad Ali"). Due to these past experiences, he tends to write about his own childhood and other political matters. This poem, Meeting at an Airport, by Taha Muhammad Ali, is understandable without any reference to the author biography through the strong imagery effect and the failure to reference to personal...