Logic and Critical Thinking: How it Impacts our Perceptions

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Logic and Critical Thinking: How it Impact our Perceptions

Simon and Kapplan (1989) allude to critical thinking as being "the formation of logical inferences." These inferences help to shape our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us. Oftentimes the perceptions we formulate are not always an accurate reflection of the real world. There are many external influences that can assist in the distortion of our logical thinking. Gender, ethnicity, socioeconomics, culture, age, physical characteristics, and an individual's ability or disability are just some of the barriers that impact our views. Critical thinking helps us to make sense of the overwhelming amount of information we must absorb and process on a daily basis. The information received is interpreted, analyzed, and evaluated to determine whether one will accept, reject, or suspend judgment. Our perceptions of the world tend to become our reality which directly impacts how we are perceived by and interact with others.

Our irrational perceptions can be the difference between a positive or negative situational outcome.

As I reflect on past experiences, a lot of my thoughts were judgmental and stereotypical. I remember meeting my now husband for the very first time. My first impression of him was far from stellar. With him being 6'6" tall, slightly overweight build, and captain of his high school football team I perceived him as being an individual whose only interest was sports and girls. My friends and I categorized him before we had the opportunity to learn more about him. I rejected his many requests for a date due to the perception I had established in my mind. Over time we began speaking. Our talks started off as casual conversations then grew to long meaningful conversation over the phone and before and after school. I quickly discovered that this high school...