Logic and Perception

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How do I proceed with my perceptional process? Included within is a personal view of logic and critical thinking. Also detailed is an example of a recent scenario where my perceptions were tested. Finally, I will explain what I have learned from this reflection.

Logic and Perception

Is our perception of an event the actual reality of that event? In answering this, we will look at the differences between logic and critical thinking as I see it.

A few years back, I had taken a college course in logic. I enjoyed the computer programs designed to test the validity of statements and other technical aspects of the course. But I could see that although these were fun and challenging assignments, not much was going to aid me in decision making in the real world. An example would be, I have a son, and his name is Brian. Here is a boy who's name is Brian.

Therefore, this boy must be my son. Unfortunately, this boy, although his name is Brian, is not my son. Using logic, I was able to formulate arguments properly, albeit in an abstract sense (Ikuenobe, 2001).

A more practical use of thought processes would be more beneficial to me. Since my college course, I have read about different ways to improve thinking. One way in particular is to question. The ability to not take things for granted is a great way to find the reality of a situation. Questioning assumptions and generalizations breaks down a statement towards gaining the knowledge or data needed to make a solid decision. These decisions, based on questioning, are how I make most of my important life choices. To sum up my understanding of logic and critical thinking, I would say that logic is abstract thinking or thinking using proper...