Logic and Perception

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Logic 2

Logic and Perception Pertaining to Me

Logic is the study of the method and principles used to distinguish good (correct) from bad (incorrect) reasoning (Copi, 1986). It is the study of the laws or principles of thought or reason. Irving Copi states that "The distinction between correct and incorrect reasoning is the central problem with which logic deals."

It is impossible to think or engage in any type of coherent dialogue and not use logic. Without logic there would be no such things or concepts as true or false. Thus, there could be no true or false statements in the first place. Logic doesn't just deal with thinking in general. It deals with correct thinking. Studying logic will enable us to develop the skills necessary to think logically.

How do we learn to think logically? The ability that we have to think critically is strongly related to who we are (Kirby and Goodpaster, p.

42). We all have an internal sense of what is logical and what is not. This is generally referred to as common sense. We begin to learn this "natural logic" the moment we are born. It also comes from personal experiences as we get older and from language itself. Scientific Logic, on the other hand, is simply our natural logic trained and developed by well-established knowledge of principles, laws and methods in the pursuit of truth (Kemerling, 2002). The scientific logic will be of little or no use if it is not put into action.

I believe that my perception comes from what I was taught b my parents, family, teachers and the environment in which I was raised. I was taught from an early age to look deeper than just the cover of the book. Being from a law enforcement family required me...