Logical and emotional thoughts of life using examples of the 25th movie.

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The 25th Hour

The movie "25th Hour" recounts the 24-hour period immediately prior to the start of a seven-year confinement for a convicted drug dealer of the Russian mob, Monty Brogan played by Edward Norton. Writer David Benioff and director Spike Lee, collaborate to deliver an emotional story in which the main character struggles between seeking redemption from his friends and family, reflecting on the mistakes he made which put him in his current position, admitting his fear of survival in an overcrowded federal prison and finally contemplating other alternatives, including suicide.

This movie is an emotional, reflective story from the opening scene. As the story opens, Monty and a counterpart in the Russian mob are heading for an appointment, a business transaction. At this stage, you aren't sure what the transaction is, but the conversation leads you to believe it is with similarly unsavory people and that the men are long time criminals.

However, on the way to this appointment, Monty spots a dog at the side of the road that has been beaten and tortured and left to die. In a small act of compassion, he asks his partner for his gun so that he can shoot the animal and put it out of its suffering. When Monty approaches the animal to complete this act, the dog lunges at him, indicating that he has much more life left in him than originally thought. Although the dog is growling, barking and showing lots of teeth, Monty grabs a garment from his truck, throws it around the dog and takes the animal to the vet to have its injuries treated, taking a bite in his neck in the process. He does all of this while being ridiculed by his partner and making him miss an appointment that the audience...