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Logistics challenges & impacts

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{2012 - 14}

Introduction of Logistics:

Logistics service providers are professionals that serve clients like manufacturers, raw material suppliers, distributors, retailers, and shippers within the supply chain. The pressure on logistics service providers in operating a business is getting heavy due to the continuous increase in demand of clients. It is therefore necessary for logistics service providers to formulate business strategies from the knowledge perspective in order to keep distinctive competitiveness advantage in such a changing market environment (Davenport, Jarvenpa, & Beers, 1996). Logistics strategy planning is a complex process that requires an understanding of how the different elements and activities of logistics interact in terms of trade-offs and the total cost to the organization. Furthermore, it is always a challenge for logistics strategy planners to develop a series of logistics strategies for different clients, integrating manpower, facilities and workflow in the logistics strategies together to compromise with other clients' logistics strategies.

Currently, logistics strategy planners usually rely on a collection of knowledge within the organization to formulate a strategy. In general, organizational knowledge is divided into two main categories: namely, experimental knowledge and analytical knowledge.

In fact, logistics strategy planners always make bias judgments on logistics strategy formulation based solely on their experience. In addition, it is difficult for them to acquire, retrieve and manipulate various types of organizational knowledge without help of decision support systems. Hence, there seems to be no systematic approach for logistics service providers to capture the relevant knowledge for logistics strategy formulation. Many logistics strategy planners are now using decision support systems to support logistics strategies formulation. However, most of...