Logistics Distribution locating competitive benchmarking analysis, A case study in Furniture manufacturing in EU

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Design and operation of Logistics System

Heriot Watt university

Logiscitcs and Supply Chain Management


A case study in Vaskor Furniture manufacturing in EU


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3Introduction �

3Aim of research work: �

3Originality/value �

4Assumption: �

5Part one: analysis on benchmarking data �

51.1 Furniture Market analysis �

61. 2 Total cost analysis �

81.3 Inventory level �

91.4 Transportation related analysis: �

10Part three: Possible implementation to strengthen competitive position, additional information required for dc locationing assessment �

13Part five: Closing statement �

14Works Sited �

15Appendixes �

15Appendix 1: Expected centralization versus decentralization costs �

16Appendix 3: Square root law �

16Appendix 4: Some estimations �



The paper aims to demonstrate and suggest possible approaches in restructuring logistical system to improve overall competitiveness, as a case study on Vaskor furniture manufacturing in UK and Italy to provide whole EU market, which has been facing emergency of losing its market to competitors, based in Italy, using given Benchmarking research data of Vaskor's main competitors and established principles of logistics system design.

To achieve goal, main techniques e.g. heuristic, and modular approaches to redesign distribution channels, considering industry and company specification.

Aim of research work:

Making detailed analysis in Vaskor's current level, using given data to make logistical decision alternatives, raising further data needed for further analysis are the aim of this paper.


The paper has tried to see data in 'comparing changes of companies' way using 'marginal' value of data gathered so far. As well as tried to see things in a longer term, where the case study mainly valued on 'cost, corporate philosophy and long term strategy' of current system (EU regional manager said, Vaskor is less flexible to at...