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Logo assignment

By: Harrison Moser

The McDonald's logo is a initial logo. The McDonalds logo was created by Jim sciendler. It was designed the way it was because the current McDonald's logo consists of a golden colored "M" which represents the name of the corporation. The two golden arches were originally designed to resemble the new arched shaped symbols on the side of the newly established restaurant. The symbols were later merged together to form the letter "M", which is recognized all over the world. The color of the McDonald's logo comprises of shades of golden and red, which signifies the strength of the company. The two arches are colored in gold tint.

The eBay logo is a type logo. The eBay logo was created by Bill Cleary. On the shape of the logo, the letters are not placed on the same level; they have been shown in a slightly zigzag manner, which is called "baseline shift" in graphic design.

This enhances the beauty of the eBay logo and shows that company is ever ready to make changes and is constantly growing. The abnormal capitalization of the alphabets projects that company is always ready to accept positive change. The letter B in the logo is not shown in its capital form, but the company name, however, is written as 'eBay'. Designers at CKS perceived the capital B to look like a roadblock in the center of the logo so they capitalized letter Y in its place. The basic colors of the eBay logo signify entertainment and enthusiasm.

The John Deere logo is a type and a visual logo. The John Deere logo was created by Landor. The shape of the John Deere Logo: contains an image of a deer, which is supposedly running in a circular-shaped square box along with...