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HOOK:An Island paradise ruined. But who is to blame?

Definition of Terms (if necessary) :

BACKGROUND (Author(s), Title(s), Year(s) published, brief description or plot summary):

Lord of the flies written by William Golding in 1954 this edition was published in 1988 published by faber and faber in London and Boston.


Over the course of the the novel, the boy's society begins to break down. Which character is most responsible for things falling apart on the island? Jack is the character most responsible for breaking down the society of the island.

i. Supporting Argument

Jack was hungry for power.

ii. Supporting Argument

Jack made the boys lose their identity and made them all one group instead of individual people.

iii. Supporting Argument

Jack focused on hunting and fun not hard work and getting rescued like Ralph.


Part One:

Topic Sentence : Restate Thesis and First Argument

The main reason society on the island fell apart was because of Jack's desire for power.

a 1. Reason

From day one Jack believed he should be in charge. When Ralph became chief Jack believed he should be chief .

2. Support

"I ought to be chief'" said Jack (18 Golding)

3. Relevance

Jack believes he should be chief and struggles for control throughout the noel.

b 1. Reason

He tries to become chief throughout the novel.

2. Support

"Who thinks Ralph oughtn't be chief?" Said Jack. (139 Golding)

3. Relevance

He didn't accept that Ralph is Chief and tries to take control

c 1. Reason

Still gives orders even though he isn't chief.

2. Support

"The rest are making a line. Come on!" said Jack (67 Golding)

3. Relevance

He told SamnEric to leave their post at the fire which Ralph told them to do to go and...