Lone star shooting

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Lone Star Shooting

By: Erin Wittwer

On Tuesday, January 22, 2013 in Houston, Texas three people on the community college campus of Lone Star were shot but thankfully not killed. A total of four people were injured but only three were shot the fourth person had a heart attack.

The whole argument broke out between two students. Both of the students were injured during the argument and were hospitalized once the police arrived. A third person on campus was a maintenance worker for the school and was hospitalized from being shot in the leg by cross fire. He is in his fifties and is a rather healthy man. The fourth individual had suffered from a heart attack. The woman had a student ID, was in her mid fifties, and hospitalized as soon as the police arrived. The main shooter was Carlton Berry and he has been charged with aggravated assault.

The tragic event had taken place out side between the library and academic building. This event is similar to one that has happened not to long ago in Newtown.

We need to notice that there are people out there who are crazy and will do crazy things. Americans need to realize our rights with guns and where we stand in that line. Things like shootings always bring safety and cautiousness to my attention and help me realize that these are normal people and this kind of stuff can happen to anyone.