Loneliness Is Depressing

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When being a teenager, it can be very lonesome and depressing. Many teenagers can feel this way and release their stress by smoking or drinking, two very dangerous things. Teenagers can feel lonely at times and go through a depression that may always occur. In The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Holden is constantly feeling lonesome and depressed about everything. Holden is depressed because he has this unrealistic love for this one "perfect" girl, Jane Gallagher, which he can't get over. Jane Gallagher is able to represent and symbolize Holden because of his idealistic love for her.

Throughout this novel, Holden always undergoes loneliness, depression, and alienated around others. Whenever at Pencey, Holden would be alone and feel alone without any friends to hang out with (pg. 5). Holden doesn't like being lonely but he doesn't really try to make himself feel any less lonely. He isn't fitting in with the other guys that attend Pencey, so this causes him to be depressed sometimes.

While in New York, he wants to call someone on the phone just to talk to them for no reason. This shows that he really needs someone to just sit and chat with him because Holden feels like he has no one. Holden feels like he is constantly alone and this causes him to be depressed a lot of times. Another example is when Holden invites Carl Luce to lunch even though Holden doesn't even like this guy. In this situation, this shows that Holden is very desperate to find someone to talk to, because he doesn't even like Carl Luce. Holden invites Carl Luce to eat just to have someone with him so he won't feel so depressed or lonesome anymore. Part of the reason while he was so lonely and depressed was...