"The Lonely Maid"

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Miss Emma was never thought of as being crazy. She just had one bad characteristic-she was the jealous type; especially when it came to Mr. Richard Scheuster. But jealousy combined with undying, unrequited love can be a bad combination.

She had been in love with Mr. Scheuster since they were little kids. Emma’s mother was the maid for the Scheuster family for as long as Emma could remember and because of that, their home had always seemed like hers. So when Emma’s mother passed a few years back, she took her mom’s place as the maid in the Scheuster household. With Richard being the only member of the Scheuster family left, except for his bedridden father, Emma saw a lot of him. As soon as she started working as Mr. Scheuster’s maid she started falling even more in love with him each day. So one night when he came back from a dinner party with a girl hanging off his arm, her heart sank a little.

She soon started seeing a pattern though. After every party he attended he always came home with a new girl. Richard is handsome, wealthy, and a bachelor, making most of the women around here bend over backwards just to get his attention, but he never seemed to be particularly fond of any of them. Emma eventually got to where she did not even notice the steady stream of new women anymore; she knew it was never serious. However, when he came home one night with his hair ruffled, tie askew, face flushed, and smelling faintly of lavender but no girl on his arm, she knew something was up.

Emma knew she was just the maid but she always kept the dream alive in the back of her mind. Soon she started to even think...