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Long Distance Relationships Can Be Painful: But They Don't Have to Be I have fallen into a problem that many people have had to deal with during some part of their life, some more than others have. Long-distance relationships are hard on the heart, hard on the soul, and hard on the self. Many men and women meet in places that neither of the two will ever visit again, such as cruises, vacations, and visiting far-away relatives for long periods of time. These chance meetings sometimes spark flames in the hearts of the romantic, which will eventually be ended by the inevitable parting of ways. Many times the quick fling will be ended sadly yet efficiently and both people will seek out love where love is closer to home. Sometimes the passion, the love, and even the lust are so great that continuing some form of a relationship is the only logical step that the couple can think of.

The final time together, before the unwanted separation, is usually a sad time of final hugs and kisses. This time usually fills the couples heart with pain, because they know this could possibly be the last time they can look into each other's eyes, the last time they can taste each other's lips, and the last time they can hold each other close.

Continuing the relationship has it's own heartaches. Waiting for the first sign of correspondence is a long and frustrating wait. The first telephone call is an aggravating wait, wondering if the other person really wants to call, if the other person has another lover, or if the other person has the correct phone number. After the first contact is made, there is usually a period of time that will determine if the couple wants to continue the...