The long march - chinese history

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What actually happened in the long march?

On 16 October 1934 87,000 soldiers of the red army retreated from the jiangxi soviet, planned by Otto Braun. Otto Braun's plan was to bring lots and lots of weapons and ammunition, and March in a straight line. He tactics were proven wrong in the first six weeks because at first they were slow so they were easily spotted, and second they were easily attacked in a straight line. Then they had to fight a major battle when they reached the xiang river, and made them lose than 45,000 men, which is more than half of the men at first when they started the long march. On 9 january, 1935, Otto Braun was suspended at the zunyi conference and the miiltary control of the red army was given back to mao and Zhu De.

Under the control mao and Zhu de, the red army took a new direction: they started splitting up and reforming, and they took long, twisted paths that made the GMD hard to find them.