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"Look and Feel" PaperBusinesses today utilize the Internet to be able to conduct online business transactions. Company websites are developed to enable organizations the ability to expand their product market by reaching customers beyond its geographical boundaries. In addition, websites enable organizations to realize operational cost reductions. For the consumer, websites give customers a wider variety of product offerings and the ability to shop around. Advantages are realized for both consumers and organizations. This paper will compare and contrast three websites of pet strores in San Diego, Lucky Dog, Muttropolis, and Petco, and will evaluate various aspects of three websites.

These three companies are retail businesses that offer pet accessories, supplies, and services to customers. Two of the companies, Lucky Dog and Muttropolis, are local businesses in San Diego County. Petco, however, is not restricted to the San Diego area and has numerous store locations throughout the United States.

The websites for these companies were found to be fairly similar as far as ease of navigation and site design.

All three websites provide easy navigation throughout the site making online shopping quick and simple. The overall look of these sites were also similar, however, Lucky Dog has more of a "personal and simplistic" look compared to Muttropolis and Petco. This is probably due to the fact that both Muttropolis and Petco offer a greater selection of products. In addition, Petco is a larger organization with greater product offerings and store locations.

The business model of these companies is based on offering pet products and services to customers that enables them the ability to generate revenue for the company. Customers are able to purchase numerous items for their pets ranging from accessories such as clothing, pet beds, collars and leashes, food, in addition to pet services such as grooming and pet...