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Animal Abuse and Cruelty

Who in their right mind would abuse a poor defenseless animal? Unfortunately, people of all ages abuse animals. This includes seniors, adults, teenagers and even children. Most animal abusers and murderers are teenagers. Children at this age have a lot of inner energy which they tend to release to creatures that are harmless. Some people may support the fact that adults who abuse animals may have grown up in an abusive home. Unfortunately, many teenagers think that abusing an animal is fun even though it's not. It is the exact opposite - stupidity, irrational and wrong!

Two days ago, one of your classmates was arrested for abusing a poor chi Wawa called Emmy. While Emmy was playing she accidently destroyed and chewed her owner's essay paper. The following day when the student went to submit his paper he had nothing to give. He was given a detention for lying as the teacher didn't believe his excuse for not handing in his homework.

When he returned home his anger was uncontrollable. Emmy ran to welcome him and started jumping cheerfully up and down. The boy responded by kicking Emmy so hard that she ended up lying on the door step. At that moment the boy's parents weren't home yet so no one could stop him. Emmy was whining, "crying" and "asking desperately for help", but nobody could help her. Luckily for her the neighbor was coming back from work and heard the noise. He immediately called the police. Ten minutes later the police arrived. They arrested the boy and took the dog to the nearest vet. The vet then called us, the RSPCA. We instantly started looking for a new home for poor Emmy. Emmy now lives with a family that cares, protects and loves...