A Look Into the Life and Career of a Legend; A Proposal

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An informative biography of Kurt Cobain

Kurt Donald Cobain was the lead singer/songwriter of the

band Nirvana, until April 5 1994 when he committed suicide.

Troubled by depression, chronic stomach problems, and an

addiction to heroin, his ailments in his personal life showed

through in his music. His music evolved from the hard "punk"

sound of their first album, to the intelligent "tell all" tales

of his fourth and final album In Utero. Through his music he

changed an era of "lost souls", to a generation with a vision of

who they were. The songs he wrote and played captured the

attention of the world, but also brought him the fame and

fortune that led to his downfall. The pain and the hate of his

life filled the lines, tough hidden under his sarcasm. He

couldn't take the voices in his head that had plagued him all his

life, that compiled with his dislike of the fame caused him to

end his own life.

The life that gave him no joy.

The first time I heard Nirvana they changed my life.

I was sitting in class and one of my friends tapped into the P.A.

system. He hooked it up to his Walkman and started playing

Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana's first single. I was sitting

in class day dreaming and suddenly I was pulled out of it by this

"amazing" sound. A few seconds later the principal shut off the

song, but by that time I was hooked. Later that day I went to

the record store and bought their second first and second album.

I took them him and threw them into the CD player and fell in

love. Finally I could identify with music, the words that

poured from the speakers spoke my life. Until...