A look into personal thoughts on love.

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The Emotion that Makes the World Go 'Round

People spend their entire life searching for love, while most have no have no clue what love actually is. I have spent 19 years searching for love, and trying to figure out what love is. I have come up with two definite things in my search for love; one is that love does exist and two is that I have never been in it. I'm not talking about the love that a person has for their parents, but the love that you share with another human being, because you have made that connection on all levels, and cant picture your life without them A survey of Endicott College students have produced such answers as love is the complete infatuation and devotion to the happiness of another person and love is safe, love is something you believe in with all your heart- until it almost kills you, its not worrying about the future because you know that at least one thing in your life will be definite, and that that person will be there by your side.

Love is one of the most intense of all human experiences, and it can be found everywhere.

What is love? Love is one of those emotions that is almost impossible to put into words. Why do people spend their entire lives searching for love? What is so special about it that makes people do such foolish things? Love is the most indescribable emotion in the world. I am still yet to experience the actual feeling of love, but my perspective on the feeling is that love is something that is unspoken, and known. If you are truly in love with a person, their feelings come before yours, and you would give up absolutely anything so that...