A look into the world of business ethics and a review of Albert Carr's article: "is Business Bluffing Ethical?"

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Albert Carr's article entitled "Is Business Bluffing Ethical", explains that business is like a game with its own set of rules and ethical standards, such that deception does not apply to the business world as it does in ordinary life. In Carr's opinion, a businessperson will only succeed and be profitable in the business industry if that person follows a set of ethics, separate from society's religious ethics. These fundamental business rules include: misleading consumers; concealing facts, using industrial espionage to gain advantage over competitors; deceitful negotiation of union contracts; price fixing; spreading rumours about other companies; advertising in a way that makes a product look better than it actually is; and increasing profits by using cheaper materials.

In response to Albert Carr's article, I complied with the notion that there are certain companies who deem it tolerable for the business industry to function like a game, and subsequently these companies are compelled to operate using rules separate from the rest of society such as lying for financial gains.

But in fact, I believe that a healthier business strategy would be to obey society's ethical guidelines of: working hard, being honourable, and consequently being smarter than the competitor. With this in mind, I strongly believe that there should not be a gap between professional and ordinary ethics because it will cause societal strain and turmoil between the business communities.

The premise of this paper will discuss three key arguments that both Albert Carr and Timothy B. Blodgett address in their articles, which regard having separate ethical standards for business professions and the remainder of society. The first argument discusses the notion that since the business practices mentioned by Carr are not against the law, they must be ethical. I believe that this position is illogical. Simply because an action...