A Look at How Opposites Attract

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My father and mother claim that they're each other's first loves, that they haven't been with anyone else their whole lives. My father is a healthy, fit man who works all day to provide for the family. My father is cocky in all he does, but he's loving and warm-hearted. My mother is a humble, peaceful woman who puts others before her. My mother has to be the unhealthiest woman in the world. She's constantly coughing all day, all year. She never sleeps. She's simply, an insomniac with a bad case of asthma. It's kind of ironic that my father's a doctor. My mother is his number one patient. Due to her condition, she had to quit her job, and now she's a home keeper. Although she doesn't have a job, she's always moving and always busy. My mother is a restless worker bee. And when she finds herself with nothing to do, she spends time painting and drawing.

My father never gets sick. My mother's sick everyday of the year. I guess opposites do attract. My brother jokingly says that I "sucked all the bad traits out of mom and dad." I take after my mother's asthma and my father's arrogance. Like my mother, I'm sick all the time. And like my father, I'm cocky in all I do. Thankfully, I also take after my mother's artistic skills and my father's kind heart. If I only took after their bad traits, I would be nothing but bad news.