A Look at Peace, technology and the Role of Ordinary People

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Technology does not have a simple positive or negative effect on individuals in society. "Peace, Technology, and the Role of Ordinary People", is one person's eccentric view of the negative connotations associated with technology. Military technology provides us with the global power to protect citizens in the event of war. The money invested in technology is equivalent to what is used to pay workers' salaries. Economic changes in society are as important to world leaders as they are to the ordinary man. In "Peace, Technology, and the Role of Ordinary People", technology is neither positive nor negative in its uses, but rather dependent upon its users.

Military technology is necessary to a countries survival in today's arms race. It is necessary during both wartime and peace time, because it ensures that the country is capable of defending itself in the event of war. If military technology is not developed, then should the country become involved in war they would not be equipped to assist those in need of aid.

Unfortunately, the world is in a perpetual state of uncertainty and many countries have differences based solely on the fact that there is such diversity in the world. Should a country find itself incapable of producing weaponry quickly enough, it could result in mass murder, and the death of innocents. The sad fact is a country would find itself open to attack if it was to use the military budget to provide social services. Peace can be defined as an agreement or a treaty to end hostilities. However, the world is a contentious place, where a countries needs are often times not met in a treaty. For example, the Allies sign an agreement with Germany at the end of World War One, only to become involved in a second World...