A look at what people do to bring a revolution to a sucess...talks about the french revolution and ghandhi

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A Revolution can often be described as the overthrow of one government and its replacement with another. It happens when people aren't satisfied with their government and they want their government to change. But is it always necessary to take extreme measures in order to accomplish a big change in government? Or can a revolution happen in a peaceful, nonviolent manner? In this essay I will focus on two revolutions that took place and the different actions the people took to bring those revolutions to a success.

The French revolution was one event that took extreme measures in order to overthrow the government and bring liberty and justice to the French people. Before, France had the old regime, which consisted of three estates: the clergy, nobility, and the peasants. The third estate was unhappy with the regime because most of the taxes had to be paid by them and they thought it was unfair.

The third estate had never had any special needs taken care of, they hardly ever had enough food to feed their whole family, and the fact that they were taxed almost as much money as they made in the year didn't exactly make them happy. And did the higher classes have to go through these problems? No, they did not have to go through them at all. So on July 1789 a large group people of Paris, angered by the ways of their government that they have to live by, revolted against the prison. They gathered outside the Bastille, made their way in the prison and killed the governor that was posted inside, as well as releasing seven political prisoners, consisting of: four forgers, two lunatics, and one sexual offender. This gave the people of France the courage, and the power that they wanted. This...