A look at the social standing that Coca cola has across the world.

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Coca Cola has been around for 117 year. When John Pemberton first created the tonic, he had no idea that his drink would become the icon that it is today. He had no way of knowing that sales of Coca Cola would reach 800 million per day, and that it would be available in over 200 countries. He had no clue that Coca Cola would end up selling more than just a beverage; it would sell a lifestyle.

Coca Cola is a very powerful brand name; in fact it is the most recognized brand name in the world. With that kind of influence, Coca Cola is able to force values and beliefs on other people and countries. Many people adopt these values as their own, but in doing so, they are adopting an American way of life.

In the past, Coca Cola has been one of the leading influences of Americanization in other countries.

Through their very American values, Coca Cola has forced themselves into other countries and has eliminated much of the native culture in the foreign countries. In 1928, Coca Cola entered China. A major part of Chinese culture was their tea. Coke wanted to eliminate tea because it was competition for Coke. Coke broke into China by appealing to the youth with popular American culture, such as MTV. Today, Coke and other major American companies have been adopted as Chinese culture. Coke has such influence in China that the Chinese have given this brand name a translation; "Coca Cola" in Chinese means "to make mouth happy". Many of the people of China aspire to gain more insight to the American lifestyle. Such well-known American companies as McDonalds and KFC are as visible in China as they are in America. This has led to an...