Looks and disabilitys in businesses.

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[1] Investigate The Employment Of People With Disabilities

Physical (mobility)

Paralysis, loss of voluntary movement in a part of the human body, caused by disease or injury anywhere along the motor-nerve path from the brain to the muscle fiber. Paralysis may result from injury, poisoning, infection, hemorrhage, occluded blood vessels, or tumors. Occasionally paralysis is due to congenital deficiency in motor-nerve development. Permanent paralysis results from extensive damage to nerve cells or to a nerve trunk; severely damaged nerve cells cannot regenerate. Infections, trauma, or poisons that temporarily suppress motor activity but do not extensively damage nerve cells often cause transient or incomplete paralysis, called paresis.

Among well-known paralytic conditions are poliomyelitis (previously known as infantile paralysis), cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis. Bell's palsy is a common facial paralysis, generally temporary and produced by such conditions as neuritis or infection. Locomotors ataxia is a paralytic condition caused by infestation of the spinal cord and brain with microorganisms that cause syphilis.

Alcoholic paralysis is caused by degeneration of nerve cells, in the spinal cord or, less often, in the brain, which have been deprived of essential nutrients.

Removing the underlying cause treats temporary paralyses. Permanent paralyses may be ameliorated by appropriate physical therapy and rehabilitation procedures.

Physical (Sight)

One form of disability is problems with sight this can take many forms.


Blindness, complete or almost complete absence of the sense of sight. It may be caused by any obstacle to the rays of light on their way to the optic nerve, or by disease of the optic nerve or tract, or of that part of the brain connected with vision. It may be permanent or transient, complete or partial, or in effect only in low-light conditions (night blindness).

Opportunities for blind people are limited as much by the lack of...