Loose Yourself

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Ernest Bevin once said of freedom, "My policy is to be able to take a ticket at Victoria Station and go anywhere I damn well please."

We all claim to have freedom, to be able to do anything we please at any time, to loose ourselves, to simply let go. But I wish that I could share the freedom that I know with you. I wish that I could show you just how free a person can be when one chooses not to be trapped. There is absolutely nothing holding you back from complete liberation except for your own belief in the lies that you are told. There is another life waiting for you on the far side of normal, where there's no fear of anything or anyone. A life in which you are truly in control of yourself in a way that most people cannot even bring themselves to dream to imagine.

Imagine, being the ruler of the world. You stride through a world where you can get away with anything you want to. You see a fountain that nobody is allowed to step into. Grinning, you walk through the water and look about you at the crowd of people who would never dare to be so bold. And you get away with what they never could, because the rules that apply to them do not apply to you.

Do you need to be the ruler of the world to do something like this? How would it feel to prove those who dictate what harmless acts are not to be partaken of that they cannot control you, to see them shake their heads critically at the fact that you would do something so foolish as to free yourself?

It would be like prison inmates laughing at you because you...